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Sports Equipment Storage Ideas


The family is coming for Thanksgiving. You are planning logistics as you pull into your driveway to see the portable basketball hoop (unused since September) taking up valuable parking space. The garage door opens and there sits a golf cart, two precariously tilting surfboards, and a Frisbee on the floor. Walking in, you stumble on a tennis racket as you try to avoid a bike helmet.


If this sounds familiar, we invite you to visit Store More America to rent a storage unit for your sports equipment. The investment you’ve obviously made in your sporting goods warrants their preservation. Packing your garage, filling your closets or leaving sports gear out in the weather, not only inconveniences you but it damages equipment. Our storage units accommodate everyone-- from snowboarders to water enthusiasts. Store More America offers small or large units, tall units and, always, well-secured storage.


Now that we’ve provided the “Why Rent” a Store More America unit, we’d like to offer some “How-To” suggestions for utilizing your unit to its best advantage. Sports equipment, as you already know, can be bulky, sometimes heavy, and varies in size from golf tees to kayaks. A wadded up football jersey, lying in the back of a closet, isn’t going to be easy to locate once practice begins next season.


  • It is important to be able to access your equipment easily, as seasons change. We provide a page on this website that can help you organize your storage unit. At the bottom of the page, you’ll find “Loading the Storage Space” is helpful.
  • Adjustable, free-standing shelving units (Gorilla racks are an example) can help you keep bins of items organized and easy to locate.
  • Clear storage bins can help you visually locate specific equipment. You might keep all helmets together, or each type of sports equipment in single bins. How you organize these is up to you, but remember to keep to your chosen plan.
  • Shoe organizers keep your different sports shoes in order. Whether you have
    bowling, baseball or golf shoes, they should be cared for properly. If several family members participate in sports, you may want to maintain a shoe organizer for each person.
  • Free-standing garment racks will keep sports clothing organized. Additionally you’ll be able to find what you need quickly, and it will be wrinkle-free. Cardboard clothing storage boxes for hanging clothes can be purchased inexpensively through moving companies.
  • Free standing bike racks keep bikes off the ground yet easily accessible.
  • A large garbage container is a handy way to store baseball bats, ski poles, hockey sticks and other long, skinny and unmanageable items.


The next time you see clothes hanging from your unused fitness equipment, park your car outside because a canoe is in your garage, or trip over a forgotten scuba tank, come to Store More America. Don’t wait for your kids to leave home for an exchange program or college. Clean up your home and yard now when you park your toys and leave your sports equipment with us. With minimal organization in your Store More America storage unit, we promise you’ll spend less time frustratedly locating your gear and a whole lot more time out enjoying your favorite sports.